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🤴 Estudantes do Carbonell enviam carta celebrando a coroação do Rei Charles III; leia na íntegra

Carbonell envia carta celebrando a coroação do Rei Charles III. 👑

Estudantes e o time do Carbonell Language Program (CLP) se organizaram para enviar uma carta ao Rei Charles III desejando um reinado de sucesso e felicidade, prezando pelo bem do povo. 💂

A iniciativa colaborativa envolveu os professores Maicon Miguel, de História, que vem trabalhando a formação da monarquia inglesa com os alunos do 7º ano, a professora Iolanda Borá, de Língua Portuguesa, que vem trabalhando a carta como gênero textual carta, além dos professores do CLP. A carta foi enviada na semana passada, na sexta-feira (5), dia anterior à cerimônia de coroação na Abadia de Westminster (saiba mais em https://bit.ly/3I6JBFR ). 🇬🇧

💌 Leia, na íntegra, a carta escrita por nossos estudantes:

May it please Your Majesty,

It is with immeasurable joy that we write to Your Majesty The King Charles III in regard to his coronation to congratulate and wish him a fruitful and happy reign.

As students from the 7th grade at Colégio Carbonell, in Guarulhos, São Paulo, Brazil, and enthusiastic English language learners, it is a privilege to write this letter on this special occasion. The English language has broadened our world horizons and will certainly provide us with enriching opportunities and a bright future.

Leading a kingdom and its people is undoubtedly a matter of great responsibility, and although challenges might arise, we are sure that Your Majesty the King, as a fair and strong leader, will make the best decisions and bring positive changes to the society, especially to the less privileged ones, following the example of His Majesty’s mother mother, Queen Elizabeth II, who has been such an inspiration to all of us and whose legacy is of paramount importance to humanity.

Finally, we would like to state that it would be an honour and and a reason of immense delight to have the presence of Your Majesty the King Charles III at our school when visiting Brazil so that we are able to express our gratitude to his immense contribution to the perpetuation and strength of the British culture.

Yours sincerely,
7th grade students from Colegio Carbonell

Aqui, a gente te prepara para um novo mundo! 🌎 #SouCarbonell #nPossibilidades

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